From the moment I started talking, I’ve been entertaining audiences of all sizes. From the couch of my parent’s living room to crowded sports competitions, to sold-out theaters, I have spent a significant amount of time making a name for myself; and there is no better time than now to do so. I completed my undergraduate degree and earned a B.A. in Theater Arts with a focus in Performance Creation.
I have done shows with the Guthrie, the History Theater, The Minnesota Opera, Park Square Theater, and the Mixed Blood Theater. I have talents with singing, dance, stage and film acting, and makeup artistry. I trained in the past at the Ordway Theater in their Musical Theater Masterclasses. I also did a brief stint in London, England to take a workshop at Shakespeare's Globe Theater. I am an incredibly passionate performer, who has been working in the industry since 2008, and I am ready to start working with you on any projects you may have in mind.





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Breaking up is hard to do...with your best friend

"It's Not You" is a comedic web series that focuses on making friends as an adult, and the dilemma of letting go of lifelong friendships while growing from toxic relationships. Lexi has been best friends with Steph for over 20 years, but now in her 30's, she realizes that Steph is a self-centered toxic friend and decides to break up with her and find a new best friend. With the help of her roommate Gia and her gay work BFF, André, she joins a friend-seeking app in hopes to find a new best friend.



Featuring Jamila Joiner

A podcast that focuses on navigating the world as a performer while highlighting Minneapolis theatre artists and always asks the question, "What's your skincare routine?" Follow me on instagram @thankyouplacespod

We talk about how to quantify success as an actor (hint: it doesn't come from the outside), what it feels like to S L O W down, and we talk a lot about how, as actors, we also need to be business people.

Jamila is also a bonafide skincare aficionado so we talk a lot about our skincare routines!